2018 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Honorees

Grand Marshal Tommy Atwell

Deputy Grand Marshal Christine Myles-Nash

Christine was born in West Hudson Hospital exactly 8 months before the assassination of JFK IN 1963. A
resident of Harrison, her father Owen Myles was first generation from Belfast, Ireland. Owen was one of 6
children in the Myles family has proud Irish Catholic traditions and roots here in West
Hudson. Christine grew playing on the streets of West Hudson, often taking care of her younger brother
while her parents worked, and many people still remember her acts of kindness many years later.

When she was 11, her family moved to Vernon, NJ in Sussex County where they could afford a home. After
graduating High School and attending college, Christine got a job in NYC working for a construction
company. Her love of West Hudson drew her back to Harrison and eventually landed her in Kearny. She
had 3 sons born first generation Irish; Sean Myles, Michael Patrick and Owen Christopher. This is where
Christine had her most shining moments. While raising her children, she made sure she would find time
amongst her busy schedule of work, cooking and providing for her children to donate her time to many
activities in the PTA and various youth sports. This consumed much of her time but as many mothers
know, this is the most important job in society today. It wasn’t enough that she went above and Beyond
with her job in the Construction Code office with the Town of Kearny, where she is known to go out of
her way for many residents and construction contractors. She would assist in various fund raisers for the
needy, and she would always be the first to lend a hand on various committees and projects throughout
the community. While doing this, she would also serve as a Trustee for the Union, work on various
athletic Booster Clubs as well as serve on various executive boards of PTA’s and other organizations. She
would not only attend all her boys’ athletic events but practices as well. Her youngest son, Owen is now
a United States Navy veteran, discharged on 11/3/2017, who had been deployed in harm’s way in the
Middle East. In the past year and a half, Christine has endured unspeakable tragedy with the death of
her son Sean (on July 13, 2016). But even that, she has handled with strength and grace which
showcases the very essence of her being.

Deputy Grand Marshal John “Jack” Pettigrew